We are independent college counselors specializing in college admissions

Our services include evaluation, goal setting, motivation and preparations on applications. Whether your child is an excellent student or is middle of the road, otherwise unnoticed amongst the sea of other applicants, we find a unique hook to make your child stand out in the crowd and in the eyes of the admissions office.

To help the student identify and develop their unique skills and strengths

To promote positive self-esteem through guidance on academic curriculum,
tutorial support and development of specific areas of interest

To develop an individualized plan to expand upon areas of interest with work experience, community service, academic programs and career oriented internships

To provide pertinent college information, directives, and support to our students in all aspects of the college search and admissions process

To help students discover colleges valuing the development of moral reasoning skills, personal growth and characteristics that benefits the individual and society

Mission Statement

Coast 2 Coast College Admissions is dedicated to helping guide high school students and their parents nationwide through the college search and admissions process. The personal attributes and goals of the students are utilized to identify desirable and appropriate communities of learning that will inspire them to develop intellectually and lead them on a path to success.