8th Grade Notes Form

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Get familiar with the PSAT, SAT, ACT related tests. Have you taken any of these tests?

If so, when and what was the score?

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It is important to create a high school plan. Please list possible courses below.

Freshman Year Classes:
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Explore your interest in a sport, school club, music, art, drama, or community volunteer activity. What are your favorite activities in and outside of school?

Explore summer opportunities. Look for a job, internship, program, or volunteer position that will help you learn about a field of interest. What are your summer plans?

Start thinking about your life after school, including the types of jobs that might interest you. Of course, these will change – often – but it is good to start thinking about the possibilities.

Is there a career you find interesting?

What are your ideas on a possible major/minor/area of interest?

What are you looking for in a college?

Are you willing to go to college outside of California?

Do you have a dream college?

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